Al-Qardhu <p>Al-Qardhu (Jurnal Ekonomi dan Bisnis Islam) is a scientific peer-reviewed journal published by Institut Agama Islam (IAI) Hamzanwadi, Indonesia. Al-Qardhu: Journal of Economics and Business Islamic is published 2 times every year, on Agust and February. The journal is created for researchers and academics, as well as the public audiences and who has an interest in the scientific repertoire of Islamic Economics, Islamic Banking and Finance, Islamic Accounting, Islamic Business. Al-Qurdhu has been indexed by LIPI (E-ISSN: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">2963-6469</a>) </p> en-US Al-Qardhu PRACTICE OF BUYING AND SELLING BARTERING VEGETABLES WITH KITCHEN SPICES IN ISLAMIC ECONOMY <p>The background of this article is that several farmers and planters in Dasan Bawak Hamlet, Lelede Village, made barter transactions which must be further studied whether these transactions are in accordance with religious law. The purpose of this thesis is to find out how the practice of buying and selling goods for goods in Dusun Dasan Bawak is carried out and to find out how Islamic law analyzes the practice of bartering that occurs in Dusun Dasan Bawak. The results of this study concluded that the practice of buying and selling goods for goods (barter) that occurred in Dasan Bawak Hamlet, between the owner of the goods and the buyer did not hand over the goods directly and there was no clarity and agreement between the two in the type, quantity and size of the goods to be purchased. there will be bartering and there will be no time constraints on both parties and there is a sense of loss that is often experienced after bartering. One of the causes is that the number and type of <br />goods that have been bartered do not match the size of the goods that have been taken by the buyer from the seller's field, so that the seller feels a loss due to the discrepancy. As for buyers who will sell these goods to the market, sometimes these goods do not sell well so that buyers who will sell goods feel at a loss because the goods must still be paid for with other goods, and also due to ambiguity, loss and a bit of compulsion. This problem is the cause of illegal barter buying and selling transactions that occurred in Dasan Bawak Hamlet because they did not fulfill some of the pillars and conditions of buying and sellingeven <br />though there was a mutual feeling of letting go between the two until now this transaction is still being carried out to help meet the needs of life and the world of marriage. for mothers in Dasan Bawak Hamlet.</p> Eny Widiaty Hendri Saleh Copyright (c) 2023 Al-Qardhu 2023-10-03 2023-10-03 2 03 1 9 THE ROLE OF WOMEN IN THE POTTERY BUSINESS TO IMPROVE THE FAMILY ECONOMY IN EAST MASBAGIK VILLAGE <p><em>This article examines the role of women in the pottery business in East Masbagik Village. The main issue studied is the extent to which this role can help improve their family's economy. The author uses descriptive qualitative research techniques to interpret and describe data related to the current situation, attitudes and views that occur in society, the conflict between two or more situations, the relationship between variables, differences between facts, the influence on a condition. After going through a series of scientific research, the author found that the role of housewives in improving the economy of their husbands is very helpful in terms of selling the pottery that housewives make which can ease household finances, because the average income of the husbands of mothers who make pottery is not enough to cover expenses. everyday, and never forget her main task, namely as a housewife who takes care of her husband and the needs of their children. The Islamic review of mothers who make pottery craftsmen helping their husbands to earn a living is recommended by Islam because it is stated in the Qur'an and Hadith, besides that permission is obtained from each husband as long as it does not violate Islamic law, for example not open your private parts and avoid buying and selling that smells of usury.</em></p> Septian Hari Putra Copyright (c) 2023 Al-Qardhu 2023-10-03 2023-10-03 2 03 10 20 IMPLEMENTATION OF MURABAHAH AGREEMENTS TO MEET CUSTOMERS' NEEDS REGARDING THE BUYING OF BAITUT TAMKIN LUMBUNG BERSAING <p><em>In this research approach, the author uses a qualitative approach, as for the reason the researcher uses this qualitative approach, it is hoped that the researcher will obtain as much information as possible in the form of concepts, information, impressions and responses to the problems that the researcher is studying so that a clear picture of the Implementation of the Murabah Agreement in Meeting Needs will be seen. Customers Regarding the Buying and Selling of Goods (BTLB Aikmel Unit Case Study. The author can conclude that the implementation of Murabahah financing at Baitut Tamkin, Baitut Tamkin acts as the party that provides financing in the form of goods and members submit applications for financing in purchasing goods. Murabahah products are financing products that most popular with members, where in implementing the Murabahah contract the transaction process is also easier for members to understand, and Baitut Tamkin facilitates financing in buying and selling goods provided to members. Financing carried out at Baitut Tamkin in the form of purchasing goods for members is multi-purpose goods such as (electronic goods, household equipment, procurement of merchandise, basic necessities, raw materials) which do not conflict with Islamic Sharia, for this reason members associated with Baitut Takin. The forms of contracts and convenience in the stages of the financing process provided by Baitut Tamkin to meet members' needs are: Baitut Tamkin provides financing for goods desired by members, Baitut Tamkin purchases the types of goods desired by members, Payment for goods is made in installments in accordance with mutual agreement.</em></p> Lia Idayani Copyright (c) 2023 Al-Qardhu 2023-10-03 2023-10-03 2 03 21 30 APPLICATION OF ISLAMIC BUSINESS ETHICS IN RICE BUYING AND BUYING TRANSACTIONS IN TRADITIONAL MARKETS <p><em>This article examines the application of Islamic business ethics in traditional markets. The main problem studied is the extent to which traders apply Islamic business ethics in carrying out trade transactions in traditional markets. In this research, researchers used qualitative research methods, namely a research procedure that produces descriptive data in the form of written or spoken words from people and observed behavior. The reason researchers use a qualitative approach is so that they can get as much information as possible, namely in the form of concepts, information, impressions and responses to the problems that researchers are studying so that it will be clear. After conducting long research, the author found that the application of Islamic business ethics cannot be applied by rice traders as business people in the Tanjung market. This can be seen from the answers of buyers and based on the results of observations obtained by researchers, there are still many traders who sell quality rice. poor with good quality rice, and traders also have not provided information if there are defects in the goods sold and have not been able to provide satisfaction with the service and quality of the rice sold to consumers, the lack of friendliness of traders towards buyers.</em></p> Zaitun Fitri Copyright (c) 2023 Al-Qardhu 2023-10-03 2023-10-03 2 03 31 41 THE CONTRIBUTION OF PARKING GUARDS IN IMPROVING FAMILY WELFARE <p><em>Pancor Terminal Market is a shopping center and gathering place for sellers and buyers. Buyers who visit will of course use vehicles and will need the services of a Parking Attendant who will help monitor and manage their vehicles. With the parking attendant service, visitors at the Pancor terminal market no longer worry about the vehicles they leave behind. Therefore, the role of the parking attendant is very important, apart from being tasked with maintaining the security of the market environment, the parking attendant also has a big responsibility to support his family's economy in order to achieve family welfare. Prosperity is a condition where a person can fulfill the needs that support a person to live in society and create a sense of security and peace physically and mentally. The research results show that family welfare can be seen from primary, secondary and tertiary needs that can be fulfilled by a family. In this case, the parking attendant contributes to improving the welfare of his family. The welfare of parking attendants after explaining the income earned from work every day, the attendants are classified as prosperous because they are able to meet the family's primary and secondary needs. If you look at the 2020 East Lombok Regency Minimum Wage (UMK), it is IDR. 2,184,197 per month parking attendant wages have met the East Lombok UMK.</em></p> Zalina Fitriani Copyright (c) 2023 Al-Qardhu 2023-10-03 2023-10-03 2 03 42 49