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Maqosid: Jurnal Studi Keislaman dan Hukum Ekonomi Syariah is a periodical saintific publication managed by the Faculty of Sharia IAI Hamzanwadi NW Pancor, East Lombok. Maqosid focuses on the studies and research results that belong to the Islamic Studies, sharia law scholarship, such as Islamic Business Law, Islamic Business Ethics, and Islamic Economic Thought. This journal aims to promote various issues and various studies on several topics, such as, the Qur'an and Sharia Economic Law, Hadith and Sharia Economic Law, Islamic Law and Economic Development in Islamic Society, Culture and Philosophy in Sharia Economic Law. Maqosid is published twice in a year, the first edition appeared in June and the second edition was published in December. Maqosid invites enthusiasts the study of Islamic thought to contribute articles in accordance with scientific standards, both internal and external. Currently, Maqosid has been registered with a number p-ISSN: 2088-6357, for printed version dan e-ISSN: 2809-4190 for online version.


Dear Researchers,
Maqosid: Jurnal Studi Keislaman dan Hukum Ekonomi Syariah is open-access for anyone who wants to contribute to either basic Education experts or observers of the world of Education. The journal of Maqosid invites academics, professionals, research scholars, and graduate students to submit original research papers, survey papers, case studies, and academic or scholarly articles for publications, for next edition | Vol. 10 | No. 02 | Desember 2022 |, Please send your manuscript to https://jurnal.iaihnwpancor.ac.id/index.php/maqosid/about/submissions or send an inquiry email for further information to mushawir.rosyidi@gmail.com

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Mushawir Rosyidi (Editor in Chiep)

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Vol. 10 No. 02 (2022): Jurnal Maqosid
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